Sunday, 6 September 2009

I have been busy painting logo for what I called our Dreamz Factory.
It has been concieved by me and my sister. So right now the right inputs are required for our baby to be born in a healthy atmosphere and attitude.
It is still inside the womb of our minds and yet to take a shape.
Thank you so much Bonnie for the inspiration you gave me and I tried making this painting from one of your work.....thank you so much.

This is the dreamy side of it. So it had to be moon. It gives us a calm feeling. The feeling of satisfaction, a sense of being loved and belonging. A feeling of composed and calm mother who takes care of her family, children. A feeling of being a child with my children. A feeling of being a complete women. Thats what I felt while painting it. It just got one picture in mind - my sister.

This is Sun - the fiery side. The more aggressive side. The more demanding side. The more outspoken, more passion, a feeling to do something and achieve our dreamz. A feeling of pride in doing something creative and satisfying that urge. A burning feeling of even I can do.

This painting was actually made thinking our dreamz in mind and had to have a dreamy and fiery look so the outcome was this. Two together in and my sister.

This is for you Di....

Our love is wonderful.
The wonderful thing about our love is
that we can throw away our masks and be our real selves.........................
We can laugh away the Blues knowing that we will stand by each other no matter what.
Love you with all my heart.

You taught me Life's Basics, counselled me on friends and studies,
cooked the greatest meals. You are a wonderful sis and I lovingly wish you all the happiness your loving heart can hold now and always.

I love you and will always love u!!!


  1. Anthony Kon Hai?? I mean, Bonnie Kon Hai? I am guessing thats your Di?

    Nice Poem.

  2. Im sure ur sis must have become extreeeeeeeeeeemly emotional, seeing your love for her... :)The sun is fiery bright... very nice... There are white patches in ur paintings i assume tats some glitters tat u have used... ryt?

  3. Thank you.Yes thats my Sister. And I have used glitters in the painting.



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