Monday 8 November 2010

HOME IS.....

From the jawdropping views, the glamorous penthouses to the private sandy beaches and the modern elegance of some of the residences - I have seen some of the most amazing and award-winning architectures and interior designs. When you live in an apartment overlooking a car park, it can get very depressing writing this post...'sigh'.

 While some of the houses that I see may always remain on my "when I will win the lottery wishlist", regardless of the shape and size of your own home, we all know that when it comes to carving out your own space - our homes reflect our personality and character and all the different colour, textures and styles that involve.

So even if you are overlooking a car park, that doesn't mean you cannot be inspired to create your own heavenly hideaways. After all, we all start off with white's just up to us what we do with them! 

Some of the great inspirations you can get are from people who have a passion to decorate their homes. Like some of my fellow bloggers -
and many more.......

I m sure you all will enjoy their blog as much as I do following them and getting inspired. Thank you my friends for all the lovely Decor ideas and much more....that you all share and leave a smile on my face.

I had a hectic last week and wrapping it up was more hectic and beautiful as it was Diwali. Yes I did my Diwali cleaning, painting of house, decorating some of the stuff (grandmoms) that reminded me of her...Miss u Daadu & Daadi. Wish you were with us...but I know your blessing are always with us.

Sharing with you all some of my home decor that I was able to do just in time before Diwali.


 Leather Masks from Turkey...and my cute candle holders...
I wonder how small things can make you happy....

 My shoe rack which I spray painted white...yes I went on this spray painting spree,,,'smiles'
Isn't it looking Beautiful....

rangolis round the house made by Taashu (my elder daughter) with stencil.
My painting and a traditional letter holder.....

 This is where we practically have all days work discussed...had heard while eating no one should talk...but who follows that...Lolz

 flower petals with candle on a brass plate can do wonders anywhere......

 laxmi pujan....


 had kept henna session for kids and everyone got it.......

 Before the party little tensed up..hope everyone enjoys......and they did 'big smile and a pat for me'


Iam linking this to the Weekend Wrap Up Party at
and at:
and at:
 Hope you all enjoyed this tour..........
Wishing you all a Prosperous New Year.....


  1. Beautiful,splendid, mindblowing,very artistially done interiors.

  2. nice interiors Suman, also loved those brass items you have esp. the camphor burners...ash

  3. Lovely home, and it looks awesome decked up for diwali! Hope you had a wonderful diwali!

  4. aaawww.. Suman!! wish so much of preperation.. done wish so much love, passion.. and care.. Ofcourse anyone would enjoy!!

    Your house looks glamorous.. and thank you for listing me there.. Totally made my day!! :-)

    You guys rock..

    I must say.. your daugthers rangoli is awesome.. I might have to try that next year.. and take a tip or two from her..

    Hope you are having a fabulous week.. and thank you so so much for joining the weekend madness.. :-)

  5. @ Hey Di.....Thank you. You are such a darling. Love u more after this nice comment...Lolz.

    @ Ash - Thanks Ash. I m glad you liked it. Yes the camphor burners and other brass stuff is from my grandmoms collection. I love them too..:-)

    @ GB - Thanks GB. It was a beautiful Diwali with happiness everywhere.

    @ Patrica - Thank you so much for such. You have always been a great inspiration. You should come n visit us when you are free. Would love to have u and other fellow bloggers home...:-)

  6. You have a beautiful home, Suman. All the nooks and corners breathe India. Love the wall of masks.

  7. Thank you so much Pree. I m so glad you liked it. You all have given me also a reason to smile...thank you...:-)

  8. Lovely home! I came here blog hopping from patty's blog and I'm so glad I did :)

  9. Lovely pics... !! Especially luv your living room and those colorful cushions... so beautiful... Your lantern and candle-stand collection is awesome...!!!
    Thanks for linking to the blog party...!!
    Hope to see you participating for Xmas and New Year too...!!

  10. hey Suman
    you have such a beautiful home...loved each piece you have so carefully picked

  11. @ Sudha - Thank you so much. I m glad you liked it.
    @ Sound Horn Please - Thank you. I m happy you stopped by and commented.
    @ Emreen - Thank you.

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