Monday, 27 July 2009

Five most wanted men in my life!

My Nephew - more like my own son
Why even think when I have him!

Watch out models - I can give you a run for your money!

Love u and thank you for making me feel so special!

The best father in the world!

A picture perfect smile!

Thank you Papa for everything you have taught me and tried making me a better person! I know as a child I was very difficult. Sorry for all those mistakes that I made. I hope I can make you proud again and this blog is the 1st step taken in that direction.

My husband - a dependable friend in need is a friend indeed!

Complete Confessor!

Thank you for being there always!

The perfect example -

C'mon buddy, lets show them!

C'mon Papa, prove it - age is not a constraint

Okay! Guys thats enough! Playing without me. Let me also prove my point.

My brother in law - more like a brother - very understanding and supportive.

And his lovely Wife! They complement each other and our family.

Allright so we can ad for the perfect smile with Colgate!

Last but not the least! My father-in-law

Finally I feel at home with my kids!

Thank you Pa for teaching me your culinary skills, for those lovely talks over a cup of tea and thank you for letting me be a part of your family - which is mine now.

All these men have taught me to be a child again, a mother, friend, daughter and above all a good human being with lots of patience. They have taught me how beautiful the world can be when you want it to be. Thank you all for your unconditional love that u continue to shower on me!

I love u all

Thank you all for your love n support......

I shall continue to share my most precious things with you...............


Take care n stay fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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