Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Mom's Life

Keep your plate in the kitchen, please.
Take it downstairs when you go.
Don't leave it there, take it in your room.
Is that yours?
Don't hit your sister.
I am talking to you.
Just a minute, please, can't you see I am talking?
I said, Don't interrupt.
Did you brush your teeth?
What are you doing out of bed?
Go back to bed.
You can't watch TV in the afternoon.
What do you mean, there is nothing to do?
Go inside
finish your homework, do colouring.
Turn it down.
Get off the phone.
Tell your friends you will come later.
Take a jacket. Take a sweater.
Take something.
Someone left her shoes in front of the TV.
Get the toys out of the hall. Get the girls out of the bathtub. Get the toys off the table.
Do you realize that would hurt you?
Hurry up. We are waiting.
I will count to ten and then we are going without you.
Did you go to the bathroom?
If you don't go, you are not going with us. I mean it.
Why didn't you go before you left?
Can you hold it?
What's going on back there?
Stop it.
I said, Stop it.
I don't want to hear about it.
Stop it or I am taking you both home right now.
That's it. We are going home.
Give me a kiss.
I need a hug.
Make your bed.
Clean up your room.
Help me set the table.
Please move your chair in to the table.
Sit up.
Just try a little. You don't have to eat the whole thing.
Stop playing and eat.
Would you watch what you are doing?
Move your glass, it's too close to the edge.
Watch it!
More, what?
More, please. That's better.
Just eat one bite of salad.
Don't argue with me. I am not discussing this any more.
Go to your room.
No, ten minutes are up.
Not a single minute more.
How many times have I told you, don't do that.
I am not giving you tomatoes. I have taken all the tomatoes out. See?
Is your homework done?
Stop yelling. If you want to ask me something, come here.
STOP yelling and come here.
I will think about it.
Not now.
Ask your father.
We will see.
Don't sit so close to the television, it's bad for your eyes.
Calm down.
Calm down and tell me what happened?
Is that the truth?
Did both of you fasten your seat belts?
I am sorry, that's the rule. I said, that's the rule. 


  1. Oh yes! Those are some true words spoken. My 4 year old told me I was the mean one today. Being a mom is hard, we just want what is best for them.



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