Sunday, 2 August 2009

Expressive eyes

This is named as Expressive Eyes!

My husband loves collecting artifacts and we have a lot of his collection at home. Out of all those that he has collected over the years, a leather mask of a woman is his favourite, which he bought from Turkey....the moment I saw that I said wow what expressive eyes)...and so I had to add it to dreamz factory as a painting....

I must say he has always been a strong pillar for me and like a true friend always has supported me in everything I do. When I told him about this dream of mine (dreamz factory - anything n everything creative), he was the first one to say why not? Dream bigger than your dreams and I know you can fulfill them. I have faith n confidence in you. Thank you so much Pash for your unconditional love and support all the time...whether it is handling kids, handling the house, me or any problem that I face, i know you are always there with me.
Hence this post I dedicate to u!!! and thank you for everything

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