Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dreamz factory's 1st Addition

Finally sat down to doing something which I wanted to do from a very long time. I have received emails from all of you - family n friends and you have really encouraged me to take this step forward and make this post.

I am introducing you.....

Different faces of Women - I got inspired with.....

I hope you guys like them too as much as I liked making them.....

This is the 1st one that I have made with Acrylic paints on Acid-free, 100% cotton, unbleached canvas. This painting was inspired from a photograph of a black, Indian bride, whom I thought was so beautiful that I couldn't stop adding her in the faces of women. Lot of people think woman should be fair then only she is beautiful but I must say black is also beautiful. Hence, I thought I will start with this one.

This was also made on canvas and portrays a confident woman of today.

yet another one which I feel is special as this is my daughter's favourite and mine too.....

I m working on yet another one.....

These kids keep me on my toes. If I am not busy making these paintings,

I m busy running behind them...

Got to go as they need me.....

Will keep posting my work as promised to you all.....

Love u all and thank you for your support!!!


  1. Good good going!!!
    Have u ever tried painting Yashoda with Bal-Krishna in her arms- I think tat too depicts one of the super roles of a woman ("motherhood", boundless love). Donno if u like painting ethnic, but just thought of suggesting this. (-Hema Bharath)

  2. Thank you for taking time to suggest this theme. I have already begun work on it!!! Will post soon. Love. Su.

  3. REally beautiful work! Thank you for joining my site. You are very talented.



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