Saturday, 29 August 2009

This oil painting is done on a 100% acid free, cotton, unbleached canvas, size 30 cms x 40 cms.
I wanted to highlight the traditional saree of Maharashtrian ladies. Maharashtriyan nauvari (nine yards) Kashta saree or Lugade is a typical indian traditional wear. This style of sari draping is common among the Brahmin women especially in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Hence the best way to do that was by focusing more on the style of draping the saree. Moreover I also wanted to add the Ganesh festival touch to the painting so you can see another form of Ganesha (known as Omkar)... and last but not the least.....I have painted the famous Warli art on this painting.

Warli art is a beautiful folk art of Maharashtra, created by the women of Warli tribe, which is found on the northern outskirts of Mumbai, in Western India. Warli Art was first explored in the early seventies. It is believed that the art originated in the early 10th century AD. Warli people express themselves in vivid styles through paintings which they execute on the walls of their houses. This was the only means of transmitting folklore to a populace not acquainted with the written word. Madhubani. Warli paintings were mainly done by the women folk. The most important aspect of the painting is that it does not depict mythological characters or images of deities, but depicts social life. Pictures of human beings and animals, along with scenes from daily life are created in a loose rhythmic pattern. Warli paintings are painted white on mud walls.
Thats how I have chosen the colour scheme to give an effect of a mud wall painted with warli art.


  1. Hi ! Landed here by chance. Loved your site. THis painting is brilliant. Especially the richness of the saree and the warli side borders. All the best

  2. Thank you so much. Your support is encouraging

  3. Great art work
    and thanks for the kashta saree i took it for my heritage club project



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